Our Vidhi

Nearby December:-

This ceremony starts from ‘Shuddha Pratipada (A 6th day in the month of ‘Margashisha’– a Hindu month, nearby December. During this ceremony everyday there is ‘Abhishek Vidhi’ (a performance of bathing idol of Lord Khandoba with ‘Panchamrutam’, a particular mixture of milk, curds, cheese, banana, honey, sugar etc. ) and worshiped and offered sweet meals. This performance goes on for six days. During these days there are many programs like ‘Pravachana’ (a holy advice with musical sounds), Kirtan and Bhajans’ (composed spiritual songs in the name of Lord.) This is ‘Jagar’ ceremony of Lord Khandoba for a whole night.In ‘Jagar’ ceremony importance of Lord Khandoba is narrated by ‘Waghya Murali’ (Waghya Murali is a group of gents and ladies devoted to Lord Khandoba who laid down their whole life for worship of Lord.) In Jagar ceremony they narrated the story and importance of Lord and advice people to worship of Lord.

One perfect truth is that devotion – Pooja – and other worshiping process never completes without attendance of ‘Waghya Murali’. Hence, they well blessed by Lord Khandoba. On the sixth day there is palanquin procession of Lord Khandoba with elephants, camels and horse riders in a particular traditional dress with zealous sounds of traditional music bands. After all there is ‘Maha-Prasada’ programs (distribution of sweet foods to devotees and other public in the name of Lord Khandoba).

Dasara Utsav (Navratri):-

Dasara utsav (Navratri) festival comes 15 days before Deepavali Festival. During this festival many program are arranged. Daily ritualistic religious worship (Pooja) process is performed. On the third day of Dasara palanquin procession (This is a particular conveyance covered by rich clothing’s, structured on horizontal two bamboo or wooden poles carried out by four persons. Such conveyance was used by Kings and Queens in ancient times. Now this conveyance is also being used for carrying the idol of deity in religious procession till today.) of Shri Tulja Bhavani Devi comes for meeting of Lord Khol Khandoba temple. Thus the holy palanquin procession is attended by many devotees and public.

Dipavali Padva Ustav :-

One special programs are arranged on the day of Dipavali Padva – a second day of Dipavali festival. After religious worshiping and Pooja Ceremony five Brahmins are served by sweet meals.