About Khandoba

Lord Khandoba popularly known as Mhalari Martanda, Khaderaya or Khanderao is a regional Hindu Deity, Worshiped by all communities including Muslim. He is the most popular deity in Maharashtra. Lord Khandoba is the Incarnation of Shiva, Developed during the 9th / 10 th centuries. his looking form in a ‘Shivlinga’ or as image ridding on bull or a horce. a myth is that lord shiva took the avatar (Incarnation)of Khandoba to kill Demons known as malla and mani. lord Khandoba is much-married go with wives from communities. His First wife ‘mhalsa’ is from Lingvat Mechant Caste, Second ‘BANAI’ is a DHANGAR ( Shepherd Caste), Third ‘RAMBHAI is from TERROR Caste, Fourth wife ‘PHULAI’ is a GARDENED Caste and Fifth wife ‘CANDAI’ is a Muslim or Described as a Telin (Oil Presser Caste).